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About the Film Maker:

Being all things to all people is a difficult task. Directors have to accomplish this with aplomb and diplomacy straddling the line between the creative and business sides of a production keeping both camps happy while maintaining the vision of the project. It's rare when a director has experience in all areas of film production. Even more rare when they are adept at every aspect of the film making process.

Michael Condro is that exception. Mr. Condro jumped in to the dream machine 17+ years ago on the blockbuster "Michael Jackson's: Moonwalker" as a film runner. From there he has worked his way up the cinematography ladder focusing on the photographic side of visual effects. By doing so he has become a respected expert at his craft having worked on such Academy Award winning productions as "Total Recall," "The Abyss," and "Aliens" just to name but a few. "Ever since I saw "Star Wars" as a kid, I knew that this is what I wanted to do.," states Condro. "The challenge of coming up with technology and effects on the spot to get a desired effect that hasn't been done before has always intrigued an explorer searching for something new.," he continued.

Michael has been a DP on 10+ films and Camera Operator on many more. You can add producing, acting, editing, special effects, match moving and being an on set dresser to that diverse background, and it shows. His newest project, a 22 minute short entitled "Little Ricky" has played in six horror festivals in as many months garnering critical acclaim and numerous awards, most recently at the New York City Horror Festival in October of 2003. "People can't believe that I made this movie for twenty-five hundred dollars and that it is doing so well on the festivalcircuit.," says Mr. Condro. "I made the film look as good as possible without spending a fortune."

Michael's vast experience from working on everything from music videos (Aha Girls, MCA, Tone Loc's music video "Iguana Eat Somebody," 20th Century Fox) to ads to films such as "Bewitched," "The Polar Express," "Batman Forever," “Spiderman 2,” etc., has begun to pay off.

Up next for the budding director? "To put my varied talents to good use, pick a challenging project and, by the way, make sure that everyone involved has a memorable experience. And, it will come in on budget and on time.," adds Condro. Music to any Producers ears!

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